Core Values

  • Using the unifying and transcending value of music as a vehicle through which we will live and share the gospel in various cultures/communities all over the world.

  • Weaving the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the fabric of everything we do.

  • Gifting of both new and used Instruments to those who would otherwise not have one. 

  • Inspiring dreams, giving hope, and sparking passion for worship in the hearts and minds of those whose daily realities are otherwise harsh and bleak.

  • Training musicians for the purpose of indigenously-inspired and locally-led programs. 

  • Cultivating leadership and skill sets by providing spiritual and musical training.

  • Building ongoing relationships with those we partner with.

  • Mentoring others to lead worship.  (Ephesians 4:7,11,12, Mark 3:14, Jesus valued relationship / Psalm 34:3 David was a model mentor)

  • Leading others to experience the greatness of God through worship.

  • Bringing glory to God, without whom our ministry and Guitars for Glory would not exist.


To sum up: A faithful worship leader magnifies the greatness of God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit by skillfully combining God’s Word with music, thereby motivating the gathered church to proclaim the gospel, to cherish God’s presence, and to live for God’s glory. (4) –Worship Matters