The Guitars For Glory Artist Advocacy program partners with bands & artists around the globe who share our vision for equipping the world for worship through the placing of instruments to those in need.  We partner with groups that share our heart beat for creating music, art, and relationships that bring glory to our Creator.  We are thrilled to be working with these artists as we believe in their vision as much as they do in ours.  Our hope is to create awareness for each other through a relationship that is grown lovingly, and organically.  We couldn't be more thrilled to be working with these artists.  If you'd like to speak with someone about becoming an artist advocate, please contact

Meet Loud Harp

Ever since meeting each other, Asher Seevinck (Seafinch) & Dave Wilton (A Boy & His Kite) joked about starting a band together. In April of 2011 it happened... on accident. What was supposed to be a writing weekend for Asher's band, quickly turned into a time of spontaneous worship and prayer. In that unexpected place, the songs that became their self-titled debut were born. Released on Come&Live! in June 2012, "Loud Harp" captured their honest worship in a season full of doubt and uncertainty.

Their upcoming record, "Asaph", approaches similar topics, but from a higher viewpoint. No longer songs from the bottom of the pit, these are the songs of a people ascending the hill of the Lord. A people in awe of God's greatness - a people with a new focus. Described as "Shoe-gaze, meets Peter Gabriel, meets the Holy Spirit", the sound of Loud Harp weaves heartfelt prayers with beautiful, layered atmospheric indie rock. Within these layers, Asher & Dave hope people are able to experience the overwhelming love and peace of Jesus.

How We Are Partnering

Loud Harp shares a common vision that seeks to equip people around the world to create innovative, genuine, and authentic music aimed at bringing glory to our Creator. They believe strongly that through Guitars For Glory many lives and communities will be equipped with good instruments to help them as they seek to lead others in worship and make a new and joyful sound to God. To further this cause they will be donating 10% of the digital album sales from their new record “Asaph” to Guitars For Glory. These proceeds will go directly towards getting instruments into deserving hands around the globe. For a deeper look into Loud Harp, check out their full website.