Belize 2016 Day 4

(Recap of Worship Night)
Last night’s Night of Worship was amazing. It started off with some local worship groups with dancing, flag waving, jumping for joy and just plain worshipping the Lord. What many would perceive as strange in the States is quite amazing to witness. Just plain carefree worship. One of the worship groups was from the church in Belmopan, the place we visited last year. It was great to see those that have never played a chord in their lives on stage playing worship music with skill. One year has brought so much. One of the local Belmopan students from last year was onstage last night leading worship, what an amazing voice! At this same time last year, he was in a very depressed state and hardly ever spoke, now he is praising God in front of many. It is great to see how far he has come.

We started our day with another excellent breakfast of Johnny Cakes. All of our meals have been prepared and served to us by Pastor Jaffa, his wife, and their children. It isn't often that you get to experience the kind of joyful serving that they have been showing us this week. They are quite an incredible family!

After breakfast we met in the church as a group to recap the last few days. Many affirmations were given to members of the team. It was reiterated several times about how nice it was to have such a great group of people, some of which have never even met, work so well together. We also reflected a little on Psalms 40:3 which reads, “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.”

We received an update about Miss Charlotte’s house this morning. We have so far raised approximately $1000 dollars to help her rebuild her house. It would be amazing to see our GFG friends and family able to completely fund her repairs. She has such hope and joy in spite of losing almost everything she owns.

We have been able to bless two individuals so far with new guitars. One to Pastor Jerome who drove 4 hours to get here. He is following a vision that God gave him 5 years ago to go and minister to people through worship in southern Belize. With the lack of resources his vision wavered, but through prayer and the Lord’s leading he is now fully devoted to this mission. God has generously blessed him with a van and GFG was able to provide him with a guitar to further the mission of worship around the world!

We also met Marvin who leads vocally in his church and doesn’t currently know how to play any instruments. He has the desire to learn guitar in order to help him with leading worship. He has a tender heart and loves the Lord. He teaches here at Kings Park High School where we are staying. 

Next we went into the town for some Choli’s. This is basically an iced coffee drink with tiny ice chunks (like a Dunkin Donuts Coolata). It has ice cream and whipped cream on top. It’s a nice little novelty down here and is very refreshing when the real-feel temperatures this week have been reaching upwards of 115 degrees.

The rest of our day continued with more music lessons, electives and fellowship. It’s great to see people sticking around at the end of a session not wanting to leave. They just want to stay and learn as much as they can while we are here. Our audio/visual elective was not offered today and we were approached by a couple of students to ask why. Two of the team members immediately stepped up and pulled it together to teach it again. It was great to see how flexible, yet again, our team has been this week.

It’s hard to believe that the last day of our ministry is upon us already.

Belize 2016 Days 1-3

Belize Day 1

We have arrived!!! Today our teams were finally able to meet for the first time after several weeks of emails and phone meetings. The plan was to have all of the groups meet and start getting to know each other at the departing gate in Atlanta, but due to delays in the flight from Maine, some introductions needed to be done on the plane just minutes before takeoff. Once we arrived in Belize, we were greeted by our good friends Marcos, Herman, and Marion. We flew through customs without a hitch and headed off to grab our luggage and gear. Our first challenge, we found Matthew and Melissa’s luggage hadn’t made it to Belize, and it would be a day before they would see it. No bug nets, no sleeping bags, no clothes. They would have to rely on some of the other members of the group they had never met before. 

From the airport we immediately began sweating and loaded the bus with luggage and a ton of guitars and other musical equipment and started towards Kingspark Nazarene Church and School with some stops along the way to see Belize City and the Ocean. During our drive we were able to see the aftermath of Earl. Some buildings were blown over while their neighbor’s home was still standing. Such a devastation for many.

Thankful to have made it to the school we unloaded all the gear and equipment and began setting up in our new home for the week. Sound checks took place and the team came together to worship and prepare for Church that night. Church was amazing. We were blessed to be led in worship by the church, our GFG team led worship as well. Our worship group that night consisted of musicians from all over the east coast who have never played together.  The youth of the church had just arrived home from Camp we were able to hear their stories of what God had done for them that week. Some of the girls performed a dance of joy. The pastor preached a message and we were honored to worship with our brothers and sisters in Belize.

Our first day although long was amazing. We love being here and serving together. And we have all come to terms with the fact that we will be sweating the entire time. The real-deal temperature average is about 112 degrees F.

Day 2 and 3

We have survived sleeping in Belize! We were not attacked by giant bugs, although there was a scary shower moment with a big spider, a gecko, and a cockroach all at the same time and needless to say their shower didn't last that long.  And thank the Lord we had fans and a breeze. Due to the slight time difference most of the team was up and ready by 6am. Thankfully, there was a coffee station in one of the classrooms where we enjoyed our morning pick me up with some amazing Guitars For Glory coffee (which is still available to be purchased on our website here. Some of the team took advantage of the time before breakfast to play music, read and pray, and prepare for the day. There were moments in the mornings where some of the team felt the impact of travel, heat, slight culture shock, as well as spiritual attack. Members of our team came together to encourage and pray for one another. Its been great to see the unity on the team especially knowing some of us met for the first time on the way to here.

Monday we started our classes and electives. 

Here is a picture of our day:

We start our day at 8 AM with breakfast. So far the food here has been amazing. They are feeding us like kings and queens. At 9 AM we have our team devotionals being led by different members of the team each time. This time has been great! Getting to hear from the hearts of team members that some of us don’t even know. At 11 AM we met with some of the locals in the church to worship together and learn more about the heart of worship from members of the team. It has been a blessing to watch people using the gifts God has given them. 

1-2:30 PM we offer music lessons for the locals on the following instruments:

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drums
  • Vocals
  • Piano

2:30- 3:45 PM we offered special electives which included:

  • Encouraging the Worshippers Heart
  • Leading From the Front
  • Help! I'm the Worship Director
  • Guitar Maintenance
  • Adding Creative Elements to Your Worship Service
  • Spontaneous Worship
  • Song Writing 
  • Kids Time 

Today (Tuesday) before our classes and electiveswe were able to visit Miss Charlotte who lives here in Belize City. Her house was severely damaged by Hurricane Earl and she lost so much because of the storm. Her house currently has no front wall and no roof. Most of the inside is either damaged, or has been blown away by the storm. We came by to pray with her and give her encouragement, but instead we were the ones encouraged by her amazing faith. We came up with a couple of ways that we and our friends and family could help her. We will be donating some clothes to her family and have set up a gofundme page located here so our friends and family will be able to help out as well. She is very involved with her church and has stepped up to lead since they just lost their pastor. What an encouragement she was to our team.  Please keep Miss Charlotte and her family lifted up in prayer.

We are currently setting up for a night of worship here at Kingspark Nazarene Church and are looking for to see how God will show himself tonight. 

Please continue to pray for our team, our hearts, and the hearts of those we are ministering to. We have been so encouraged by their faith. 

A Boy in Uganda

It's been too long since our last blog post.  It seems like no matter how hard we try to make it a priority, the blog finds it's way to the bottom of our to-do list.  We promise we'll get better with it.  Some of our guitar recipient stories find their way to Instagram, some don't.  But you often only see snippets of some pretty incredible testimonies.  We wanted to make sure that this particular story about a young boy in Uganda was shared.  As I write this post, there is a sweet little Fender parlor guitar on it's way to this young man and we're ecstatic about it.

We first learned about Immy's story through our ministry partner, Love One Another Project.  Love One Another Project works in Uganda & Kenya, caring for vulnerable children, intentionally spending time with them, and even building homes for them.  A few months ago we worked with them to place a guitar with a different recipient.  We love building partnerships with organizations who understand the needs of their local communities.  So the opportunity to do this again with them was a great privilege, especially with Immy! 

One day, Love One Another Project had sent their missionary son out to work with street children. Their son would spend time researching areas of the community and they would then have him send photos and stories back of the kids in the area.  When they first met Immy it was obvious he had been through some tough situations.  He had been intentionally burned on half of his body; his arm melted to his side and his cheek melted to his neck. He was considered to be cursed and had been forced to a life of begging on the street.  Immy is 13.  He's lived more of a life at thirteen years old than many of do in all of our years on this earth.   

They tried to place him in 3 different homes, but all turned him down. They knew then, that God was calling them to adopt Immy, though they do not know how or even if there is any chance of adoption. Never the less, they consider him to be theirs in their heart, and their Ugandan family is raising him.  They will be together with him off and on, until God opens a way to be together permanently. Immy has just gone through his first of two surgeries and is so excited about his future!  They talk daily by phone and will meet him for the first time in April!  They tried to start guitar lessons for Immy as he will be responsible for doing missions outreach with the missionaries, but due to his injuries is unable to swing his strumming arm over the back end of the guitar.  That is where this beauty comes in!   

He has not had many positive experiences growing up, and Love One Another Project is enjoying helping him experience things for the very first time! He has just recently had his first apple that was not from a trash pile, first pizza, first bicycle and first time to ever watch a cartoon! Soon he will have his first guitar!  This new guitar will help him pursue this passion to reach others through music in his community.  He inspires us.  He is a reminder that our circumstances do not change who is in control.  People like Immy humble us and remind us that guitars don't change lives, hearts do.  

We'll be sure to share some photos of Immy as soon as he receives his new guitar.  Thanks for your support.  For more info on the Love One Another Project visit:
or on social media @loveoneanotherprojectorg


Jeff & The Team    

Tanzania & The Guitar

We're excited about this story.  This is a short post, but what you'll see here is enough encouragement to last a lifetime.  


Recently some of the GFG team was able to meet up with missionaries David and Michelle Heed and hear about their ministry.  Based out of Rochester, NY, they both serve in Tanzania as a teacher and a nurse.  The Heeds have also been faithfully serving in children's ministry with a local church in their village. During their past two years serving, they became aware of a need in a church for a guitar. The young man who will be leading the church is extremely talented but has never had access to a guitar.  Always learning what he could when other westerners would come through his village, playing their guitars as they were available.  

When the missionaries returned to Tanzania they presented Kazuramimbia PEFA church with a guitar. This video is a glimpse at the joy the church had upon receiving it. This guitar in particular was a donation from a great friend of GFG. Your support is what makes moments like this happen.  This is the first instrument that this church has ever owned.  Thank you to all that make this possible. 

Worship is a Weapon

One of my favorite things about working with Guitars For Glory, is having the opportunity and privilege to network with other great ministries.  There are many organizations doing incredible work around the world that often go unnoticed.  And while it is not recognition that drives us to do something greater, there is a sense of encouragement that we receive when shining some light on the positive things happening in the world when it feels like national media outlets would rather share the bad news. 

After months of failed attempts, I finally was able to schedule a phone call with Erik Laursen.  Erik is the Executive Director of New Covenant Foundation.  I was blessed by our 30 minute phone call, and once again blown away by the gift of music and worship.

NCF who does the majority of their work in Ethiopia, provides a new model for partnership, a new way to empower people, and a new way to keep them going. It connects people together across geographical, cultural, social, and religious boundaries. This connection is centered on Jesus Christ who brings all things together under him.  NCF empowers 143 Ethiopian Church Planters to establish churches in the Unreached areas of Ethiopia. Over 300 self sustaining churches have been planted among the 20 million Unreached!  What an incredible accomplishment!  As talked more, one story specifically stuck out surrounding the power of worship on a recent medical missions trip Erik had gone on with NCF.  I asked Erik if he would be open to us sharing this story, and he obliged.  I hope you are as encouraged by his testimony as I was.  Read below for Erik's story, in his own words.   

NCF Medical Missions Trip
When I was initially approached about doing a medical mission in Ethiopia, a few things entered my mind:

1.) I know nothing about medical missions! 

2.) How does this fit with our ministry to Ethiopia?

3.) I know nothing about medical missions!

To be quite honest, I wanted to run away from the idea but God spoke into my heart with that gentle but loud whisper– GO!

At that season of my life, I found myself stuck in the parables of Matthew 25. In Matthew 24, Jesus is having some serious discussion with His disciples about the end of the world, He then goes into the parables of Matthew 25 to describe the Kingdom of God. As I prayed about the concept of doing a medical mission alongside our Ethiopian Church Planters, verses 37–40 continued to ring in my heart! 

“Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25: 37–40

Just a few days after I felt God say "GO", I found myself in Arsi, Ethiopia hearing the testimonies of our Church Planters working in some of the darkest most difficult situations I had ever imagined. My heart was deeply moved by their willingness to sacrifice their own personal safety to make sure their fellow countrymen had an opportunity to hear the Gospel. As I began to build a relationship with these men, I had no idea that God would orchestrate the MT25 Medical Mission to be done in these communities! 

In fact, one of the communities they had begun work in was called "The Blood Village" by locals because it was known for human sacrifices! I truthfully did not fully realize this was the same village we would do our medical mission in until a couple of days prior to our arrival.

Part 1: The Lord's Favor
From the moment of departure God began to intervene in incredible ways! I knew during the months before that we were going to face intense spiritual battles as we set foot onto the front lines. What I didn't know is how God would intervene and overpower every attempt of Satan to destroy our mission!

As we sat on the tarmac in Denver for over an hour due to a snow storm in mid–April and faced the reality that our whole itinerary was going to be messed up because we were certainly going to miss our next flight, I felt peace knowing that all of this was out of my control and this was in fact God's mission.

To my surprise, not only did we miraculously make it right in time to connect with our next plane, but our luggage was successfully transferred to Ethiopia. When we arrived the Customs station was shut down due to a mechanical failure of their x-ray machines and we were allowed to enter with hundreds of Amharic Bibles and various gear for our mission that would have most certainly held us up for hours in Customs on a normal day. The favor of the Lord was becoming more and more evident as we took each step forward.

After months of preparation and nearly 40 hours in airplane seats we had finally arrived and the reality of the mission was staring us in the face as we drove into the gates of our first stop: Shashameme Prison.  As we unpacked our bus and began to set up our clinic site, I looked around at the multitudes of Muslims with a sense of wonder mixed with fear.  How did I get here? Why did God send us to this place? I could feel the nervousness in our team of six Americans and seven Ethiopians. We had initially been told that there were about 400 prisoners, but it was quite clear that there were over 2,000!  

As the lines began to form and our teams began to serve, I quickly realized the spiritual severity of this mission. On the outside of the clinic rooms I witnessed the brink of chaos as prison guards attempted to keep things in order by beating prisoners with clubs and sticks. While, on the inside of the clinic, I witnessed the Glorious Love of Christ as our team sacrificially served these men with basic medical care and most importantly finished each individual session with prayer! I just couldn't believe my eyes!! This was more than I was ready to handle and I didn't know how to react!

As strange as this is going to sound, I felt God say to me "sing over them" and I argued, "my wife could if she were here, that is not my gifting", and not a moment later chaos began to erupt in the line as people were impatiently cutting and forcing their way to the front. I began to reconsider my argument with God at that point, out of fear and hopes that as David calmed King Saul with a harp perhaps the same would happen here.

Almost as if I didn't have a choice, I grabbed a guitar and I walked through the line of hundreds of Muslims and I just sang over them that God would open their hearts, and their minds and Salvation would pour out on our clinic! My heart was truly breaking over the fact that so many of these men had no idea that Jesus was God! As I continued to sing and play, many of the men who were so intimidating at first, began to clap along with me and smile with joy as the miracle of music and the mysterious power of worship prevailed  over the chaos.

After each prisoner would finish their visit with the medical staff, they would have to go through our counseling room prior to receiving their prescribed medications. This was where we took the time to present the Gospel of Salvation to each and every one of them. Truthfully, by the looks of these men I did not expect any to respond  well. This made me quite nervous.  

At one point I was called into the room with urgency by the prison staff psychologist who was actually a Christian. As I walked into the room I found an old Shiek (pictured above with yellow hat) requesting my presence. I nervously awaited translation of what he was saying to me to find out that he just wanted me to pray over him! I was wrecked as this man, who quite honestly scared me, humbly requested that I pray to Jesus for him. While he didn't accept the Lord at that moment, I knew that God was doing something and I found myself walking hand in hand with him throughout the rest of the day. 

It was shortly after this that something completely unexpected began to happen. Nearly every single prisoner that came into that room started giving their lives to Jesus!  One after another lifted their hands to the Lord and said "Iyesus Getano!" (Jesus is Lord). It felt too easy, there was no convincing, no arguing, no questions, it was just as if they had been there waiting for someone to invite them into the Kingdom! 

I realized that coming into that prison I really didn't have faith that any of those Muslims would accept the truth of who Jesus is. In fact I thought they might throw rocks at us! At the end of the day I realized that I did not understand how much God loves them and how much it breaks His heart that they follow Islam. Each and every one of them with their own lives, their own struggles, their own desires to know and walk in the truth, yet trapped in a life deceived by Satan. 

Miraculously in one day out of the 178 prisoners we were able to serve and share the Gospel with, 117 of them gave their lives to the Lord! We ended the day with a small worship service in the Chapel and encouraged the mature Christians that God would use them in that prison to disciple these new believers and continue sharing the Gospel with the other prisoners. 

For more information on Erik, and New Covenant Foundation, visit

You can find them on social media at:
Twitter @ncflion
Instagram @ncflion
Youtube  NCFLion

India: Guitar Given to "Equip India"

The video above shows "Equip India" receiving the guitar... and yes, you should sing along. These are some amazing people doing great things in the country of India. Just a few weeks ago in October, we had the privilege of bringing the Guitars For Glory worship team to Falconer, NY. We lead worship at Levant church, shared about the ministry, and gave this guitar to their connected missionary in India.

A little about Equip India

Operation Equip India is an amazing ministry. They are a multi-organization dedicated to equipping India's disabled with the physical, educational and socio-economic tools necessary for a life of independence and advancement. True to its slogan–Equipping India's Disabled for a life of Independence and Advancement—the ministry of Equip India has come a long way in impacting the lives of the physically challenged not only in Dharwad District but also in the unreached communities throughout India .

Its accomplishments are just a drop in the bucket. There is much more to accomplish in our nation of India where 5% of the population are disabled. Leprosy, though eradicated by the Government of India still continues to carry a stigma and fear to reveal the disease at the earliest stage.

Equip India has stepped into another new venture of serving people affected with HIV and AIDS disease and their dependents. A long time desire to serve these people has turned into a reality with lot of prayers, confirmation from the Lord and support.

Read more about Equip India here.

Here's a little something "Equip India" had to say about the guitar we sent...

Very nice guitar. They also liked the fact that it has the built in pick-up and nice case. Customs duty makes foreign guitars much more expensive for local purchase. Locally made guitars are generally poor quality. 

Documentary Short - San Cristobal Verapaz, Guatemala

We have been enormously blessed by Christopher Hopper and Sprig Studios for putting this Documentary Short together. We sent 3 guitars with Christopher for the needs of his trip to Guatemala. He filmed and documented the heart of what we're doing and captured our heart and vision in an amazing way. Below is Christopher's blog post about his experience while capturing this footage. You can view the original blog post here.

(From Christopher Hopper)...

Giving stuff away is amazing. Way better than getting something yourself. (It’s almost like Jesus knew what he was talking about).

Jennifer and I had the honor of representing Guitars For Glory during our recent trip to Guatemala last month. This meant surprising three people with brand new guitars. We made sure the cameras were rolling, and managed to produce something we’re all proud of. (Thank you, Sprig Music).

Sure, who wouldn’t like a free guitar?

But what the documentary doesn’t show is all the back-story behind the recipients. Like how Rudy’s father abandoned his family for the US, and Rudy was left to be provider for his four siblings and mother; today, he’s a pillar in his family and his church. Or Roger, who’s given himself fully to educating children, and makes in one year what I make in three weeks. Then there’s Willy, who’s always wanted to lead people in worship on guitar, but knew it’d be impossible, seeing as how it’d take him and his entire family over a decade to save up enough combined money to buy one.

The stories are real. The tears are real. Because the people are real.

And that’s the power we have as being part of the world’s wealthiest people.

Please watch the video. Then thoughtfully consider three things:

1.) Giving to Guitars For Glory so they can continue to spread the message of hope in Jesus through music.

2.) Sponsor a child with Inn Ministries, our hosting organization in Guatemala. I can’t say enough about these people. They’re the real deal, and you’re having a daily impact on children when you give toward their education.

3.) Let me know what you think—about all this. I’d love to hear.

You were born to rock. So get to it.

Giving Guitar in Uganda With Sozo Children


One of the greatest blessings we get to experience at Guitars For Glory is the passion and commitment our volunteers have for the GFG mission.  Our organization would not be where it is today without the dedication of our team members.  We recently had a group of GFG volunteers and team members serve on a missions trip to Uganda with an organization called Sozo Children.  Sozo Children is a wonderful organization with a powerful calling.  The mission of Sozo Children is to "Glorify God through saving children in need, building community, and connecting individuals to all experience the love of Jesus Christ."  Sozo exists not to change a child’s culture, but to be ambassadors of Christ to advocate for His children.  As an extension of Guitars For Glory, these wonderful ladies were able to bless some very deserving people.  Special thanks to Alissa, Sher, Jenna, and Sarah!  Take a second and hear from one of them directly...


"Over this past week of February 12th-22nd, I had the opportunity to serve in a children's home in Uganda, Africa with an organization called Sozo Children. My team was blessed enough to get the chance to also be a part of the Guitars For Glory ministry by giving a guitar to one of the three houses Sozo Children operates. House (3) is an all boys house, and these boys all have a passion for serving God through their choir. They sang for us while we were there and I know the guitar we were able to give is going to be perfect for their ministry! After describing to them the vision of Guitars For Glory, and then handing them the guitar, the room was filled with clapping and shouts of excitement. It overwhelmed my heart with joy to see how appreciative and excited they were to receive something we so easily take for granted. Only one or two of them actually know how to play guitar, but the missionary we worked with promised they'd all be playing by the end of the week.  Until now, the only instrument aiding them in their musical worship experience has been a few hand drums that are placed in each house. The determination of the Ugandan people just blows me away and I cannot wait to hear how the Lord blesses them and the use of this guitar!


For me the point of missions trips is to serve God and to pour into his people, but through my past experiences, especially this week in Uganda, I felt that I was being blessed more than they were! I have been privileged to be a part of the growth of Guitars for Glory from the very beginning, so getting the opportunity to see the ministry come to life was an incredible blessing! God has really placed a passion in the hearts of all the GFG founders and I love being a part of the team. Hand delivering a guitar to someone who I know is going to influence so many with worship was such a special experience that I will never forget. We got the opportunity to listen and to worship along with each house of Sozo children. Their passion for Jesus Christ is truly inspiring, as they showed me what real worship looks like. I'm so thankful for this experience and the chance to serve the King as the hands and feet of Jesus through Guitars for Glory and Sozo Children!"

-Alissa Catanzaro (Guitars For Glory Volunteer)

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
-Mark 10:45


Be sure to check out the Sozo Children ministry. They are doing amazing things for the country and people of Uganda. Click here to check out their mission:

You Can Help! Picks / Strings / Straps.


If there's one question we receive more than any other it's, "How can I help or be involved?". You know what that means? We have an amazing support system made up of people who want to get their hands dirty and do something with us! We have a tangible way that you can help.

For many guitar players around the world, guitar accessories are hard to find or are extremely overpriced; so we try to send every guitar with extra strings, picks, and a strap.

Here's where you come in... 

Whether you have an extra set of strings, 10 picks laying around, or a guitar strap you never use; there are people around the globe who can put those to good use. If you would like to donate any accessories, we will put them in the cases with the guitars we ship around the world. Every little bit helps, and this will go a long way.

One of our in-house mottos is "we won't send anything we wouldn't play ourselves." We're not looking for rusty strings or picks worn down so much they've turned into a circle. We're calling out to you for something that you yourself would use. Something you would want to donate to a worship leader or guitarist somewhere around the globe.  So if it's in good shape, we'll put it to use.

Here are a few things to consider:
Strings  /  Picks  /  Strap  /  Stand  /  Capo  /  Cables

If you have anything you'd like to donate, send us an email: We'll give you an address to send the accessories to.

We appreciate you guys so much. Thanks for all your love and support. You're making people feel loved around the world by giving them this opportunity.

Much Love,
-The GFG Team

"Youth Summit" with Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College


The GFG swag is all set up! Come say hi at our booth, we'd love to chat. This is one of the many places we've been able to share the vision of Guitars For Glory. We want to thank Northeastern Seminary and Roberts Wesleyan college for having us at the Youth Summit this year! Some amazing speakers and people here.

We want to come to you! We'd love to come set up a booth, share our vision, or just hang with you. We are very open to coming and being a part of your event, conference, festival, etc.. 


Here's one of our co-founders, Jonny Capuano, sharing the visions of Guitars For Glory. So many leaders in this room and we can't wait to work with you. One of the greatest questions from the crowd today:

"How can we help?"

One of the biggest ways that anyone can help is by getting guitars and instruments into the hands of those around the globe. Many of the people in this room are going on mission relief trips around the world, and we'll be sending instruments with them. Be sure to contact us if you're taking a trip; we'd love to connect with you.

Much love,
The GFG Team