A Boy in Uganda

It's been too long since our last blog post.  It seems like no matter how hard we try to make it a priority, the blog finds it's way to the bottom of our to-do list.  We promise we'll get better with it.  Some of our guitar recipient stories find their way to Instagram, some don't.  But you often only see snippets of some pretty incredible testimonies.  We wanted to make sure that this particular story about a young boy in Uganda was shared.  As I write this post, there is a sweet little Fender parlor guitar on it's way to this young man and we're ecstatic about it.

We first learned about Immy's story through our ministry partner, Love One Another Project.  Love One Another Project works in Uganda & Kenya, caring for vulnerable children, intentionally spending time with them, and even building homes for them.  A few months ago we worked with them to place a guitar with a different recipient.  We love building partnerships with organizations who understand the needs of their local communities.  So the opportunity to do this again with them was a great privilege, especially with Immy! 

One day, Love One Another Project had sent their missionary son out to work with street children. Their son would spend time researching areas of the community and they would then have him send photos and stories back of the kids in the area.  When they first met Immy it was obvious he had been through some tough situations.  He had been intentionally burned on half of his body; his arm melted to his side and his cheek melted to his neck. He was considered to be cursed and had been forced to a life of begging on the street.  Immy is 13.  He's lived more of a life at thirteen years old than many of do in all of our years on this earth.   

They tried to place him in 3 different homes, but all turned him down. They knew then, that God was calling them to adopt Immy, though they do not know how or even if there is any chance of adoption. Never the less, they consider him to be theirs in their heart, and their Ugandan family is raising him.  They will be together with him off and on, until God opens a way to be together permanently. Immy has just gone through his first of two surgeries and is so excited about his future!  They talk daily by phone and will meet him for the first time in April!  They tried to start guitar lessons for Immy as he will be responsible for doing missions outreach with the missionaries, but due to his injuries is unable to swing his strumming arm over the back end of the guitar.  That is where this beauty comes in!   

He has not had many positive experiences growing up, and Love One Another Project is enjoying helping him experience things for the very first time! He has just recently had his first apple that was not from a trash pile, first pizza, first bicycle and first time to ever watch a cartoon! Soon he will have his first guitar!  This new guitar will help him pursue this passion to reach others through music in his community.  He inspires us.  He is a reminder that our circumstances do not change who is in control.  People like Immy humble us and remind us that guitars don't change lives, hearts do.  

We'll be sure to share some photos of Immy as soon as he receives his new guitar.  Thanks for your support.  For more info on the Love One Another Project visit: www.loveoneanotherproject.org
or on social media @loveoneanotherprojectorg


Jeff & The Team