Belize 2016 Days 1-3

Belize Day 1

We have arrived!!! Today our teams were finally able to meet for the first time after several weeks of emails and phone meetings. The plan was to have all of the groups meet and start getting to know each other at the departing gate in Atlanta, but due to delays in the flight from Maine, some introductions needed to be done on the plane just minutes before takeoff. Once we arrived in Belize, we were greeted by our good friends Marcos, Herman, and Marion. We flew through customs without a hitch and headed off to grab our luggage and gear. Our first challenge, we found Matthew and Melissa’s luggage hadn’t made it to Belize, and it would be a day before they would see it. No bug nets, no sleeping bags, no clothes. They would have to rely on some of the other members of the group they had never met before. 

From the airport we immediately began sweating and loaded the bus with luggage and a ton of guitars and other musical equipment and started towards Kingspark Nazarene Church and School with some stops along the way to see Belize City and the Ocean. During our drive we were able to see the aftermath of Earl. Some buildings were blown over while their neighbor’s home was still standing. Such a devastation for many.

Thankful to have made it to the school we unloaded all the gear and equipment and began setting up in our new home for the week. Sound checks took place and the team came together to worship and prepare for Church that night. Church was amazing. We were blessed to be led in worship by the church, our GFG team led worship as well. Our worship group that night consisted of musicians from all over the east coast who have never played together.  The youth of the church had just arrived home from Camp we were able to hear their stories of what God had done for them that week. Some of the girls performed a dance of joy. The pastor preached a message and we were honored to worship with our brothers and sisters in Belize.

Our first day although long was amazing. We love being here and serving together. And we have all come to terms with the fact that we will be sweating the entire time. The real-deal temperature average is about 112 degrees F.

Day 2 and 3

We have survived sleeping in Belize! We were not attacked by giant bugs, although there was a scary shower moment with a big spider, a gecko, and a cockroach all at the same time and needless to say their shower didn't last that long.  And thank the Lord we had fans and a breeze. Due to the slight time difference most of the team was up and ready by 6am. Thankfully, there was a coffee station in one of the classrooms where we enjoyed our morning pick me up with some amazing Guitars For Glory coffee (which is still available to be purchased on our website here. Some of the team took advantage of the time before breakfast to play music, read and pray, and prepare for the day. There were moments in the mornings where some of the team felt the impact of travel, heat, slight culture shock, as well as spiritual attack. Members of our team came together to encourage and pray for one another. Its been great to see the unity on the team especially knowing some of us met for the first time on the way to here.

Monday we started our classes and electives. 

Here is a picture of our day:

We start our day at 8 AM with breakfast. So far the food here has been amazing. They are feeding us like kings and queens. At 9 AM we have our team devotionals being led by different members of the team each time. This time has been great! Getting to hear from the hearts of team members that some of us don’t even know. At 11 AM we met with some of the locals in the church to worship together and learn more about the heart of worship from members of the team. It has been a blessing to watch people using the gifts God has given them. 

1-2:30 PM we offer music lessons for the locals on the following instruments:

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drums
  • Vocals
  • Piano

2:30- 3:45 PM we offered special electives which included:

  • Encouraging the Worshippers Heart
  • Leading From the Front
  • Help! I'm the Worship Director
  • Guitar Maintenance
  • Adding Creative Elements to Your Worship Service
  • Spontaneous Worship
  • Song Writing 
  • Kids Time 

Today (Tuesday) before our classes and electiveswe were able to visit Miss Charlotte who lives here in Belize City. Her house was severely damaged by Hurricane Earl and she lost so much because of the storm. Her house currently has no front wall and no roof. Most of the inside is either damaged, or has been blown away by the storm. We came by to pray with her and give her encouragement, but instead we were the ones encouraged by her amazing faith. We came up with a couple of ways that we and our friends and family could help her. We will be donating some clothes to her family and have set up a gofundme page located here so our friends and family will be able to help out as well. She is very involved with her church and has stepped up to lead since they just lost their pastor. What an encouragement she was to our team.  Please keep Miss Charlotte and her family lifted up in prayer.

We are currently setting up for a night of worship here at Kingspark Nazarene Church and are looking for to see how God will show himself tonight. 

Please continue to pray for our team, our hearts, and the hearts of those we are ministering to. We have been so encouraged by their faith.