Giving Hope In Ghana

Two new guitars landed in the country of Ghana, Africa this week.  We're slowly but surely chipping away at each country in Africa.  We cannot wait until the whole continent has been touched by GFG in one way or another.  

We recently had the opportunity to partner with VARAS.  VARAS is an NGO based in Ghana, West Africa.  It seeks to uplift, enable and empower those people whom due to location, a lack of an adequate governmental social net and circumstances, find themselves in difficult situations when it comes to very basic opportunities that we in the west have come to expect.  The acronym VARAS stands for; Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas, and this is exactly what the organization that is VARAS does on a daily basis.

Last month VARAS reached out to us to share a story about a local woman they have been working with.  We'd like to introduce you to Esinam, a 14 year old girl who suffers from benign facial tumors.  The tumors have caused extreme disfiguration making singing and speaking difficult.  Doctors will be performing facial surgery on her this coming October.  It's been a long journey accompanied by severe depression, and she is often too embarrassed and ashamed to even leave her home.  As part of VARAS's aim to fund for her surgery through their partners, they began to work around the clock to put smile on her face.  She recently contemplated suicide since the community in which she lives don't want her around.  She has been removed from her school to keep the other children from being afraid.    

Esinam has always had a passion and love for music, but has never had a guitar or any instrument of her own.  Her dream is to one day use the guitar to lead others in worship and use her voice to reach the nations.  Join us in praying extra hard for Esinam.  That her surgery would result in complete freedom to use the gifts God has put in her heart.  

We love you Esinam! 

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