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India: Guitar Given to "Equip India"

The video above shows "Equip India" receiving the guitar... and yes, you should sing along. These are some amazing people doing great things in the country of India. Just a few weeks ago in October, we had the privilege of bringing the Guitars For Glory worship team to Falconer, NY. We lead worship at Levant church, shared about the ministry, and gave this guitar to their connected missionary in India.

A little about Equip India

Operation Equip India is an amazing ministry. They are a multi-organization dedicated to equipping India's disabled with the physical, educational and socio-economic tools necessary for a life of independence and advancement. True to its slogan–Equipping India's Disabled for a life of Independence and Advancement—the ministry of Equip India has come a long way in impacting the lives of the physically challenged not only in Dharwad District but also in the unreached communities throughout India .

Its accomplishments are just a drop in the bucket. There is much more to accomplish in our nation of India where 5% of the population are disabled. Leprosy, though eradicated by the Government of India still continues to carry a stigma and fear to reveal the disease at the earliest stage.

Equip India has stepped into another new venture of serving people affected with HIV and AIDS disease and their dependents. A long time desire to serve these people has turned into a reality with lot of prayers, confirmation from the Lord and support.

Read more about Equip India here.

Here's a little something "Equip India" had to say about the guitar we sent...

Very nice guitar. They also liked the fact that it has the built in pick-up and nice case. Customs duty makes foreign guitars much more expensive for local purchase. Locally made guitars are generally poor quality.