Questions about the Eatza Pizza Fundraiser? We got you!

Q: What if I need help or have questions at the event?
A: All volunteers will have red Guitars For Glory shirts on. If you have any questions about anything, or need any help at all, tap anyone in the red shirt on the shoulder and they’ll be able to help you!

Q: Will Pizza be served all night long?
A: We’ll be serving pizza right up until Zach Winters goes on, roughly around 8:30 pm, or until supplies last. Whichever comes first! However, if you get the munchies later in the evening, we'll keep the Zweigle’s stand open! Remember, you’re free to hangout from 4:00 pm - 10:30 pm.

Q: If I didn’t register ahead of time, will pizza still be available for walkups?
A: We can’t guarantee pizza for anyone who did not register. However there will likely be walk-up pies available. But if you want to be sure you get a nice Neapolitan pizza, REGISTER NOW!

Q: If I registered ahead of time, but did not pay ahead of time, do I still get the early pricing?
A: No, sorry! In order to have the free drink thrown in at the $20 per pizza price, payment was required ahead of time. We encouraged early registration to help our team gauge how much dough to make.

Q: If I did NOT register, what is the walk-up pizza price?
A: All pizzas are $20. Pizzas are about 15” and serve about 2 people. Gluten-free pizza’s will not be available unless you pre-registered. Prices for everything else are as follows:

1. Zweigle’s Hot Dogs $3

2. Knucklehead Craft Beers: $5

3. Soda & Waters: $1

4. Tree Town Cookies: $2

Q: What are the topping options?
A: The theme of the night is Neapolitan style pizzas. Neapolitan pizzas are known for thin airy crust and light toppings. Less is more! Your options are:

1. San Marzano Sauce (red)

2. Fresh Mozzarella 

3. Italian Sausage

4. Pepperoni 

5. Mushrooms

6. Onion 

7. Green Pepper

8. Fresh Basil

9. Fresh Parmesan

Q: If we order a pizza, how long will it take before it's ready?
A: Believe it or not, our ovens cook pizzas in less than 90 seconds. However, please allow for 15-20 minutes to prepare your order. We are using house-made Neapolitan dough, made from scratch. All pizzas are made to order.

Q: How will we know when our pizza is ready?
A: After you place your order, you’ll be given an order number! When your pizza is ready, you’ll see your number flash up on the flat screen monitor. Keep your eyes peeled for your number!

Q: What do the different drink ticket colors mean?
A: Red drink tickets can be used for Beer, water, or Soda. Yellow tickets are ONLY used for non-alcoholic drinks. 

Q: Where do I pay for pizza and other food?
A: All pizza needs to be paid for at the registration table. You can also buy drink tickets and hot dog tickets at the registration table. However, you can skip the registration table if you’re not buying pizza and buy your drinks right at the drink stations. Hot dogs can be paid for at the Zweigle’s stand. Knucklehead beer can be paid for right at the bar. 

Q: How will the silent auction work?
A: It’s simple, if you see an item you would like to bid on, simply put your name, number, email address, and highest bid on the on the bid sheet. The silent auction will end promptly at 7:30 pm and we’ll announce winners over the PA system. Silent auction items can be paid for with cash, check, or credit card. 

Q: Will there be tables & chairs?
A: We'll have some large round tables with chairs as well as some high top tables, but we recommend bringing some blankets and lawn chairs for the concert and just in case you want to spread out. The event is being held out on a large farm and you’ll have plenty of room to move around.

Q: Will there be things to do at the event?
A: We’ll have a couple of fire-pits set up for you to sit around and hang out. We’ll also have corn hole and other yard games set out for you all to enjoy! 

Q: What time will Zach Winters go on?
A: Zach will go on around 8:30 pm

Q: Is this a family friendly event?
A: It sure is, we only ask that if you plan to bring kids anytime after 8:30 pm, that you keep them quiet for the Zach Winters show. 

Q: Do you take credit card?
A: Yes, we'll take cash, credit, and even checks for any food or silent auction items. 

Q: Can we take pizza to go?
A: Every pizza will be tossed in a GFG pizza box. Stay, eat, and enjoy the community, or feel free to bring it home with you. We’re just glad you came. 

Q: How will parking work?
A: There should be plenty of parking for everyone. When you pull into the long driveway, you’ll see parking attendants directing you out to the field where parking will happen. As always, feel free to carpool to help us make more space available. 

Have any other questions? Email

Or call at (585) 507-5519