Group Fundraising Campaigns

Q:  What is a “Guitars for Glory” Campaign?

A crusade, an operation, or a drive with the goal of raising funds to “Equip the World for Worship.” Your money will provide guitars, instruments, and musical training for musicians across the globe. 


Q: How does a “Guitars for Glory” Campaign work?

Your group can custom tailor a campaign / youth event that fits your own style, gifts, culture, people, numbers and resources.  One of our staff will consult with you by telephone to help you design a campaign that works ideally for your group.


Q: Why should my group plan and host a campaign?

A GFG campaign gives us opportunity to use the unifying and transcending value of music as a vehicle through which the gospel can be shared. The universal language of music translates beautifully into most cultures/communities worldwide.  Your financial gifts will:

  • Provide instruments to those who would otherwise not have one, inspiring dreams, planting hope, and sparking passion for worship in the hearts and minds of those whose daily realities are otherwise harsh and bleak.
  • Help our GFG volunteer staff train and equip musicians for the purpose of indigenously-inspired and locally-led programs. 
  • Ensure ongoing relationships, cultivate leadership, and provide training, both spiritual and musical.
  • Equip local worship leaders to mentor others to lead.  (Ephesians 4:7,11,12, Mark 3:14, Jesus valued relationship / Psalm 34:3 David was a model mentor)
  • Lead others in the church and community to experience the greatness of God through worship.


Q: Is my group too small to pull off an event?

No size is too small.  If you have a passion for worship and a heart to serve, you can successfully plan a GFG campaign! 


Q: Where do the campaign funds go?

Each guitar package costs approximately $300.  This includes a Fender guitar, hard case, extra strings, capo, training resources as well as packaging, administration and shipping costs.  All GFG staff work entirely on a volunteer basis.


Q: How does a GFG Campaign impact others beyond my youth group?

  1. Giving to GFG not only equips a musician with an instrument, it also helps us train and encourage the instrument recipient.
  2. A GFG campaign can involve your entire church family, mixing together and unifying generations for one cause.
  3. Hosting a GFG campaign gets your students to think outwardly, learning to sacrifice for the good others and for a Kingdom cause. 


Q: Who are the people behind Guitars for Glory?

Guitars for Glory is made up of a bunch of ordinary people who are passionate about music and faith.  We believe that worship is at the heart of the Gospel message.  See more about our mission here.


Q: What benefits do students get from the GFG fundraising event? 

  • Training in missions and gaining a worldview perspective.
  • Education on the true meaning of worship! 
  • Team bonding as they work toward a common goal.
  • Gaining connection with real people around the world.  They will have opportunity to develop a long-term relationship, follow up and pray for the recipient of their instrument.
  • MERCH Incentives!  Who doesn’t love free GFG Merch!

            Student Rewards

  • Participant, Any amount over $25 -- Sticker
  • Raise $100 – Pick Necklace + Sticker
  • Raise $200 – T-Shirt OR Hat + Pick Necklace + Sticker
  • Raise $300 -  Mug + T-Shirt OR HAT & Pick Necklace + Sticker
  • Raise $1,000 – GFG Hoodie + Mug + T-Shirt OR HAT + Pick Necklace + Sticker


  • The possibility of seeing firsthand their efforts come to fruition.  Your GFG guitar package may travel along with your team on your own mission trip.
  • Provides opportunity for life transformation in the students as they learn to personally sacrifice and open their hearts and eyes to ways that God desires to move in and through them.
  • Exposes them to the uniqueness of other culture’s worship.


Q: What benefits does the group leader get from the GFG fundraising event?

When you register your group online, we will send you a FREE T-Shirt.

The possibility of personally gifting a GFG Guitar package on your next mission trip!

Resources and GFG personnel support for all your questions.


Q: Can I donate to GFG here?

Yes!  You can support a student or give a general donation to GFG here.  GFG cannot remain viable without the regular monthly support of generous people like you.  Click here to set up a RECURRING Donation.  


Q: How much does my group have to raise?

There is no minimum amount required.  More importantly we hope that you will inspire, encourage and excite your students to think creatively about how they can raise funds and then go on to give sacrificially.  Setting a financial target helps inspire and spur people on to give enthusiastically and generously!


Q: How do we fundraise for a GFG Campaign?

Our hope is that your students will think of creative ways to earn money INSTEAD of just asking others for money.  The concept is “what can I live without in order that someone else can be blessed?”  For example maybe your students regularly spend $10 a week on coffee or smoothies.  They would give that up for a month or two or three…  Another idea is for them to add a shift to their regular work schedule…Ask a parent or neighbor for an odd job...Babysitting is usually a easy and convenient way to raise funds.  We have seen students sell personal items that they no longer needed or were willing to sacrifice.

Students can ask in lieu of BIRTHDAY or CHRISTMAS gifts that friends and family members give monetary donations to GFG instead.

GFG Merchandise sales.  We’ll send you a package of our merchandise for you to use as samples at your event.  Orders can be taken and mailed in.  The profit from each item will be counted toward your financial goal!  You can see our merchandise here on the website under “STORE.”

Other ideas include:

  •  A GFG NIGHT OF WORSHIP aka N.O.W.  Basic elements of a NOW include, worship music, inspirational message centered on the “heart of worship,” presenting the vision of GFG along with a challenge to give, the GFG video presentation, possible pledge cards and café style refreshments.
  • MATCHING FUNDS—Ask others to match your personal donations.  You can do this by writing a short letter explaining your goals.  Provide them with links to GFG and ask them to consider matching your giving.  You can custom tailor the amount in the letter to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be on board.  For instance, if you are asking your friends at school, keep your donation low (For example $1 - $10).  If you are asking someone with more means to help, raise your personal donation to a suitable number.
  • COOKIE SALE – Ideally this is done a week or so before Christmas.  Each student bakes a few batches of their favorite Christmas cookies. The cookies are then displayed on tables at church before and after the Sunday services. Between services church attenders are encouraged to pick up their Christmas sweets from the youth and leave generous donations to go toward their GFG campaign. 
  • PARENTS NIGHT OUT – Youth offer babysitting services for a few hours on a weekend evening.
  • 5K
  • LOCAL BUSINESS’S often offer non-profit fundraisers.

The list is endless.  Your ideas are sometimes best suited to your own group and environment. 


Q: Can our group designate funds for a specific country or project?

 Be part of choosing where the guitar(s) you sponsor go!  Your funds can work any of the following three ways:

  1. Your guitar will go where most needed.  GFG will make that determination.
  2. Choose a location from our pre-approved list of requested places.
  3. Take your sponsored guitar on your own mission trip! (Must meet GFG criteria)  Apply here!

We will try to accommodate your requests, however, we send instruments based on need and date of application.


Q: Why is there a limited selection of locations that my group can designate GFG funds to?

Location availability changes constantly and is dependent upon current requests for instrument donations.  Requests for donations can be made by filling out an application found here.  If you know of a worthy, legitimate need either here in the USA or abroad please feel free to apply online for assistance.  We are here to serve.


Q: Will my group get updates on what our funds have accomplished?

Yes!  We cannot promise exact times for these reports but we will do our best to send updates as we receive them.  Please keep in mind that news from the mission field is often erratic.  Your GFG Guitar package will also include your contact information (with your permission) so that you can personally attempt to keep in touch with your recipient! 


Q: How do we submit the funds?

Once your fundraising is completed, we ask that you compile the funds and have your church or organization send one check to Guitars for Glory. Please do not send cash. 


Q: Does GFG accept instruments other than guitars?

 Yes, we will consider any transportable instrument in very good or new condition. 


Q: Does GFG accept donations of used instruments?

Yes most definitely!  If you have a transportable instrument you would like to donate, please contact us at   We will do our best to evaluate suitability and make matches according to need.


Q: I still have more questions! Can I talk to someone? 

Yes!  Please submit your question by clicking on the interested button below and a GFG representative will be in touch very soon! Presently we do not have a GFG phone number because all of us on the GFG staff are volunteers and are working full-time jobs or are students.  We promise to do our very best to respond quickly.