Google Awards Grant to Guitars For Glory


ROCHESTER, NY- July 13, 2017 - Guitars For Glory, Inc, the not-for-profit ministry whose mission is to place guitars and other instruments with people in need around the world, today revealed that Google has awarded them with a $10,000 USD per month of in-kind advertising with AdWords.  Google AdWords is Google's advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google's search results.

Google's Ad Grants program takes aim at helping non-profits generate more traffic to their website, attracting more donations and improved volunteer recruitment.  These two things are the lifeblood of every non-profit.  

The SOS Children's Village, another Google AdGrants recipients, uses Adwords to magnify the impact of online campaigns.  Through their grant, they've seen 100% increase in monthly website visits, $40,000 increase in monthly donations, and 30% growth in annual website traffic.  
"Google Adwords will help GFG pursue our mission by increasing our online presence on a greater scale. Many who have not heard about us or what we do, will now have an avenue to discover GFG by visiting our website, reading our core values, and finding opportunities to get involved." said Guitars For Glory Director of Grants, Dave Kooistra.


Guitars for Glory's sole desire is to put guitars and instruments in the hands of churches, schools, missionaries, and orphanages. Our hope is to enhance their musical experience and build up worship leaders within the community; through the giving guitars and musical training.


Jeff Roeters