You Can Help! Picks / Strings / Straps.


If there's one question we receive more than any other it's, "How can I help or be involved?". You know what that means? We have an amazing support system made up of people who want to get their hands dirty and do something with us! We have a tangible way that you can help.

For many guitar players around the world, guitar accessories are hard to find or are extremely overpriced; so we try to send every guitar with extra strings, picks, and a strap.

Here's where you come in... 

Whether you have an extra set of strings, 10 picks laying around, or a guitar strap you never use; there are people around the globe who can put those to good use. If you would like to donate any accessories, we will put them in the cases with the guitars we ship around the world. Every little bit helps, and this will go a long way.

One of our in-house mottos is "we won't send anything we wouldn't play ourselves." We're not looking for rusty strings or picks worn down so much they've turned into a circle. We're calling out to you for something that you yourself would use. Something you would want to donate to a worship leader or guitarist somewhere around the globe.  So if it's in good shape, we'll put it to use.

Here are a few things to consider:
Strings  /  Picks  /  Strap  /  Stand  /  Capo  /  Cables

If you have anything you'd like to donate, send us an email: We'll give you an address to send the accessories to.

We appreciate you guys so much. Thanks for all your love and support. You're making people feel loved around the world by giving them this opportunity.

Much Love,
-The GFG Team